Capturing the moments of today that will forever warms your heart.


Wedding photography at Lovey Dovey Photography is essentially a romantic movie captured frame by frame from the beginning to the end. A love story about two souls who vows to take each other's hand as they embark on a new journey together. Lovey Dovey Photography is a team of talented female photographers based in London and Hong Kong ready to assist you in telling your love story; from pre wedding to your big day.


At Lovey Dovey Photography, we deliver your unique stories in the form of artistic photography that is treasured and valued for the years to come. We specialize in using natural light to create that desirable soft, airy and dreamy style, where every moment captured is like a beautiful dream coming to life.  Our photographers’ eye for beauty is like no other, capturing your best angles and illuminating the tenderness and warmth through the power of their lens.  


Intimate moments of true human connections are captured around the world. Having a base in both Europe and Asia, it allows us to have an easy access point to majority of the world, travelling with our clients to their dream destination to tell their stories in its most authentic environment.


As each love stories are uniquely beautiful and distinct from one another, our photographers will take the time to learn the true essence of each story and captures it through every detail; be it from the location, the interaction between the lovers to the smallest intimate exchange of looks. We believe the beauty lies not just within the general aesthetic of an image but the love and emotions it evokes when the story is being told, as if the story is being told for it's very first time, every time. 

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